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A Closer Look at Meredith's Accelerated Law Degree Program

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Meredith works with the Campbell University Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law and the Elon University School of Law to offer an Accelerated Law Degree Program. This program allows students to complete their general education and major requirements within their first three years of their undergraduate program and proceed to simultaneously complete their senior year of undergraduate and first year of law school together at a partner institution. For any students wanting to learn more about the program, the Pre-Law Club will be hosting an interest meeting on Mar. 22 at 10 a.m. in Harris 110.

Dr. David McLennan, a Professor of Political Science and the interim Accelerated Law Program advisor, spoke to the benefit of the program saying that the program allows students to “reduce the typical time to earn an undergraduate and law degree” from seven years to six years, but noted that the first three years at Meredith will be a busy time. Dr. McLennan said “Meredith students who enter the accelerated program are not bound to stay in that program and may apply to any law school for admission after graduating from Meredith.”

Both Elizabeth Sills, ‘24, and Kaitlyn Zhoroff, ‘24, have expressed agreement in the practicality of the program and how it has had an impact on their college career. Sills notes that in the beginning of the program, it felt as though she had been “thrown into the deep end of [her] major” but was able to adjust easily and has enjoyed the classes she has taken at Meredith. Zhoroff advised that it can be difficult at times, but encouraged those interested in the program to remember that they can do it.

Students with any major can apply for the program and Dr. McClennan recommends that students should work with Dr. Whitney Manzo, Pre-Law Advisor, on scheduling classes, scheduling LSATs as well as helping with application material for Elon University or Campbell University. Sills explains that “Dr. Manzo was a big help as [her] advisor” and helped to ensure that she met all her requirements before going to law school. Zhoroff also added that “Dr. Manzo is the sole resource for this program.”

Both students also spoke to the size of the program currently. Sills remarked on wanting to see more students in the program and wants to “see it grow” while Zhoroff wants to see “more funding designated to this program” with the belief it will help the program further develop.

By Shae-Lynn Henderson, Features Editor


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