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A Freshman's Understanding of Cornhuskin’

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Cornhuskin’ is quickly approaching, and, as a freshman, I have a suspicion that “I just have to experience it;” however, in my few short months of being here, I think I may be starting to understand this important event. From what I have deduced from oral legend and scouring the internet for answers, Cornhuskin’ was started by some bored Meredith students in a P.E. class who had cornshucking as a grade requirement. Somewhere along the line, someone got too competitive, and it became a part of the bigger event we know today.

Being a freshman, this is how I expect this hoedown to throwdown:

On Friday, Nov. 1, after a week of Hall Raids and an undoubted loss of sleep due to Corn practices, the classes emerge from their hideaways carrying giant containers full of thousands of soda cans. The Can Art co-chairs make their appearances: one on the ground with the cohorts of able-bodied workers desperately trying to assemble their artwork in thirty minutes, while the other is up in the balcony of one of the quad residence halls giving commands over video call. Then, once everything is complete, the artwork is showcased for a very short period of judging, and then the classes are required to clean up their art pieces quickly and efficiently.

Now we get to the good part: the main-day activities of Cornhuskin’. Starting the day will be a giant parade on the main drive of Meredith where the classes join together to march upon their campus as loudly as possible. They will carry in their class banners, make the sounds of their battle cries and smile and wave for all bystanders to see. Later on, the elaborate dance entrances are showcased for all to marvel at. Included in this section of the programming will be the seniors with their 8 minute dance routine memorializing their time in Wonderland (just my personal prediction; I in fact have no clue what they will do). Following that will be a bunch of smaller but equally as important activities: Angels serenade us with the song of their class, corn is shucked against corn, classes scream for their classmates as well as cheer on their opponents (after all, Corn is all about unity), girls will dunk their heads in water in an attempt to reign apple bobbin’ supreme, then everyone will dawn their pig noses for hogcalling, words will be shouted across the amphitheatre and for a few fleeting seconds everyone will forget that this is even a competition among classes and just enjoy the power of the sisterhood created by Meredith College. At the end of the festivities, the wise judges of Corn will cast upon us mere mortals their decision as to the Cornhuskin’ 2019 winner. But no matter which class they decide on, Cornhuskin’ is all done in the name of sisterhood and unity, and all the classes love each other.

These are just my predictions; however, I can only hope that Corn will surpass my expectations, whether it be through the friendships created through Corn practice or commiserating with my fellow sisters during hall raids. The experience of Corn is something I am excited to experience alongside my other Meredith sisters.

By Rachel Van Horne, Staff Writer



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