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A Local Guide to Women’s Health Resources

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March is Women’s History Month, and given that Meredith is a historically women’s institution, it is important to discuss the intricacies of college student’s health. In the Triangle, there is a surplus of health specialists, clinics and primary care physicians who are able to safely discuss reproductive and mental health. Below is a brief list of recommendations for care in the Triangle area.

Planned Parenthood - Raleigh Health Center is a great resource for birth control, breast exams, general wellness checks, gynecological visits, STI screenings and various other health-related services. Insurance may cover some portions of the payment, but for more exact pricing the health center can be contacted. Due to COVID-19, this clinic has increased its online services, and telehealth appointments are available for a variety of visit types.

Both Duke and UNC hospitals have campuses in the greater Triangle area. These locations are not just for emergency visits, but also cover primary and speciality care. Duke has an obstetrics and gynecology office on Blue Ridge Road in Raleigh and UNC has a family care center in North Raleigh.

Another major aspect of health that many college students disregard is skin health. Southern Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center is located on Lake Boone Trail in Raleigh. The services provided in the office range from standard skin screenings to laser hair removal. Their website offers a wide variety of service explanations and discusses different types of skin conditions that may impact people at any age.

It is also imperative that mental health is addressed during these unprecedented times. Below are some convenient services available for students to use.

Meredith College’s Counseling Center is a free service available for any Meredith student. They are holding most appointments online. Due to COVID-19, the Counseling Center is not accepting walk-ins at this time. On their website, they also have tip sheets available to help students with common issues. The Counseling Center also provides 24-hour crisis intervention services if needed.

While Meredith’s Counseling Center is a great resource for students, seeking outside therapy can be helpful. Psychology Today provides a comprehensive list of therapists located in the Triangle. The list provided on Psychology Today’s website can be tailored to fit an individual’s needs or preferences, such as gender or type of therapy. Due to COVID-19, many offices are offering telehealth visits as a safe alternative to in-person visits.

Talking to someone can be beneficial, but sometimes it is necessary to unwind and be present with oneself. The app Calm is a perfect tool to use to do just that. It is helpful for improving or starting meditation practices; it comes with an extensive list of instructors to listen to, no matter the skill level. It also is a great tool to use to unwind at night with their library of sleep stories, told by a variety of stars and calming voices. The app also has a catalogue of calming noises, like rain sounds, to enhance relaxation.

By Elinor Shelp-Peck, Co-Editor in Chief, and Hannah Brittain-Du Bois, Contributing Writer



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