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Apps and Websites for Semester's End

With so many student apps and websites out there designed to make life a little easier, there’s no reason not to use them. Students today are using their laptops and phones for almost everything yet can still be missing out on the amazing technology that can help them save time, stay focused, get assignments done and study more efficiently. With it now being November, Meredith students have survived midterms and are heading for the home stretch. Here is a list of student apps and websites that can help them survive the rest of the semester.


Socratic is an iOS app on which students can ask questions and get help with any class subject. When the app is opened, it prompts the user to either take a picture of their question, type in a question or verbally ask a question. It takes a moment to analyze the question and then responds with relevant and accurate answers and examples.


Grammarly is an app, website and chrome extension that is a proofreader. Students can copy and paste or upload documents that they want to be checked for grammar and punctuation. Grammarly also lets users set goals for their writing such as formality, audience, tone and intent.


StudyBlue is similar to Quizlet and lets users create and study flashcard sets. What is great about these platforms is that students can also search for flashcard sets that have already been created by other students and share sets with friends.


SelfControl is a Mac OS app that keeps students productive by blocking distractions. With this app, students can insert websites that they want to block for a specified amount of time that they choose.


Almost indistinguishable from Google, Ecosia provides a smooth, efficient and more eco-friendly alternative to other search engines. All you have to do is set the Ecosia page as your default browser, and you are good to go for a more sustainable web-surfing experience!


Whether it’s juggling between school or work, this handy little app, accessible both on your phone and your laptop, is a useful timer that can be used to track work hours, test-taking practice or any other situation that requires a timed log! It tracks the time you spend on your work, and if you forget to stop the timer, Toggl allows you to go back and set the time stamp for exactly when your previous session ended. Users can also name their timed sessions with whatever title they wish, whether it be “work shift,” “homework practice,” or “timed test practice.” Once this app is utilized, you can quickly forget what time-keeping was like without it!


MyBib is a citation tool that is organized, easy to use and does not interrupt users with ads. The citation generator lets users search for websites, books and other forms of media and choose the citation style. When citations are complete, they are added to the user’s list and can be downloaded into GoogleDrive or as a Microsoft Word document.

By Katelyn Wiszowaty, Staff Writer


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