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"Bling Before the Ring" for the Class of '22

Charming Evening Co-Chairs Susan Llanos (left) and Eleni Hull (right). Photo by Madison Sholar

On Feb. 26, members of the sophomore Class of 2022 gathered at the Royal Banquet & Conference Center for Charming Evening. This sophomore tradition celebrates the halfway point of college with a charm bracelet, dinner, and a slideshow featuring memories from the class’s first two years at Meredith.

The class’s co-chairs for the event were Susan Llanos and Eleni Hull. In a speech recalling all that the sophomores had experienced at Meredith thus far, attendees relived memories of Cornhuskin’, Fire & Water, and the Guardian Angel Dance.

Attendance at the event was low, likely owing to the fact that this isn’t one of the most publicized traditions compared to others, such as Cornhuskin’ or Ring Dinner. However, students who were in attendance enjoyed seeing themselves in the slideshow, which featured many pictures from both their freshman and sophomore years at Meredith. As one of the last events before the Class of 2022 gets their onyx, Charming Evening was an exciting night in the countdown to Ring Dinner.

By Olivia Slack, Online Editor

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