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Club Profile: Muslim Student Association

Four people standing in front of a black curtain with string lights, and gold and black balloons in the top left corner
Photo courtesy of Meredith MSA

The Muslim Student Association (MSA) at Meredith College is a community organization that is consistently organizing philanthropic events both on campus and in the greater community. Some of the work that the MSA has done this year includes providing the pads and tampons found in the restrooms around campus, as well as hosting fundraisers for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.

Aiman Fatima Jamadar, the Publicity Chair for the MSA, spoke to The Herald about the work that the Muslim Student Association is doing, and how other students can get involved. Jamadar shared that MSA is looking to create a space on campus for all students where individuals can “come together and find a community to learn from one another.”

Jamadar has also attested to the work that the MSA has been doing noting that their mission is to “continue enriching Islamic knowledge and awareness for everyone at Meredith.” In addition, Jamadar adds that MSA prides themselves on being able to “contribute to the Meredith community as a whole by providing services that benefit everyone.”

With the continued work that the MSA is doing on campus, the organization has several events that they are working on. Jamadar says that their General Body Meetings (GBM’s) “promote a space for everyone to come together and hangout, play board games, and learn more about Islam and its teachings!” She also talks about Hijab Day, which was an event they held on Feb. 1 to “have members of the community try on the Hijab and learn more about why muslim women veil!”

Jamandar added that MSA is working toward increased appreciation and awareness for muslim students on campus through “campaigning for Eid-al-Fitr to be considered a holiday campus-wide” as well as advocating for “students' accommodations [to be] more readily accessible throughout Ramadan (the month of fasting).” Through working to increase the visibility of the muslim student community at Meredith, they’re advocating for changes in the dining hall to include halal meals that “would simply require the meat to be sourced from a halal food supplier for at least a day or two each week.”

MSA continuously works for the betterment of the Meredith community as a whole in hopes of “lasting impact that serves as a role model for future boards and other clubs on campus,” as Jamandar says. Students of any religious background can get involved by showing up to as many events as possible and providing feedback and suggestions for future consideration. Those interested in MSA events and meetings can follow @meredithmsa on Instagram and TikTok.

By Haileigh West, Opinion Editor, and Grayson Morris, Podcasting Co-Director


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