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College Night, Worth the Hype?

The North Carolina Museum of Art held its Frida Kahlo-themed College Night party last Friday night. A party in a museum doesn’t have the ‘college party’ vibe to it, but college students from all across the state (from Appalachian State to ECU) came into Raleigh for the event—not to mention all the colleges and universities that helped NCMA by creating and managing activities.

There were tables for stamping little ‘passports’ (simple booklets that had five stamps, entirely Frida themed, located at various places throughout the Museum) for getting temporary tattoos, for making paper flowers and for drawing.

There was free food and drink, along with a main stage for salsa lessons, a live band and a poetry showcase. The night ended with the band playing and a dance party in full swing.

NCMA’s College Night is an annual event that is free for all college/university students. Keep an eye out for next year’s event (as well as other events throughout the year) at

By Lilly R. Wood, A&E Editor



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