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Cornhuskin' Yard Signs Go Missing

Signs on Meredith's front drive reading "Welcome to Corn Country"
Photo by Rachel Van Horne

On Nov. 3, the Alumnae House sent out an email to the Meredith College community informing them that a yard sign used to decorate for Cornhuskin’ had gone missing, in addition to a sign from the Alumnae Association’s Fall Pop-Up event the week of Oct. 25. The Cornhuskin’ signs spelled out “Welcome to Corn Country” and “Happy Huskin” near the front drive. In the email sent out by Director of Alumnae Relations Hilary Allen, ‘01, students were urged to return the signs: “If you or someone you know may have been involved in taking either of these signs, we ask that you kindly return them.”

The Meredith Herald recently interviewed Allen about the missing signs. She said that the signs were put out to get students excited for Cornhuskin’. The signs are provided by Sign Dreamers of Raliegh, a small, local and woman-led organization that also provided the signs for the Fall Pop-Up event. Allen emphasized the importance of leaving the signs in place,stating, “The signs belong to a local business. We rented the signs on a temporary basis from Sign Dreamers, and they will expect to pick up all of their property. Aside from that, I hope that the signs will remain in place so that everyone has an opportunity to enjoy them.”

Signs on Meredith's front drive reading "Happy Huskin!"
Photo by Rachel Van Horne

Since the email, some people on campus have been wondering if the signs merely blew away in the wind. However, Allen believes the signs to be stolen because “the signs are made of a corrugated plastic material and a mallet is used to stake them into the ground.” She continued, “Environment or wind could certainly have been the cause of the disappearance. If that were the case, I would imagine that more than one sign would have been impacted and/or we would have seen wind or environmental damage to others that remained in place. Only one sign went missing from the display at the front drive.”

When asked if they would use the signs again, Allen said, “We have had themed signs for the Halloween event and now Cornhuskin’, as well as events for alumnae and retired faculty and staff. Much like the two signs used for these two student events, they were used as a means to welcome our guests back to campus as well as add to the excitement and celebration of those two events. I hope that we can use them for future events.”

If you or someone you know had any involvement in the disappearance of the signs, they can be dropped off on the front porch of the Alumnae House with no questions asked.

By Rachel Van Horne, Associate Editor


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