Election Results

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

On October 8, 2019, the city of Raleigh, NC held elections for mayor and all seven city council seats. Raleigh has a council-manager system of government in which the elected city council serves as the legislative body. The mayor is also a member of the city council and presides over council meetings and represents the city at formal events. Both the mayor and city council appoints a city manager that is in charge of the city’s daily operations. If no candidate receives a majority vote, a run-off election is scheduled for the top two finishers on November 5, 2019.

Raleigh Major

Mary-Ann Baldwin with 38% and Charles Francis with 31% are the top two candidates who will have to have a run-off on November 5th.

At-Large Office Candidates (2 Seats)

Nicole Stewart secured one of the at-large city council seats with 34% of the vote. The second seat will have to be chosen through a run-off on November 5th between Jonathan Melton with 23% of the vote and Russ Stephenson with 19% of the vote.

District A Candidates

The District A city council seat winner is Patrick Bufkin with 53% of the vote.

District B Candidates

Saige Martin with 47% of the vote and Kay Crowder with 33% will have to participate in the run-off election on November 5th.

District E Candidates

The District E city council seat winner is David Knight with 69% of the vote.

By Yajaira Ramos-Ramirez, Staff Writer

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