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Escapism: Taking Vacations and Destressing At Home Through Video Games

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

In today’s busy and bustling world, finding time for yourself or for new adventures can often be incredibly difficult, time consuming, and expensive. Discovering new ways to escape from day-to-day life into something new helps many people , including myself, cope with stress, so here are my top 5 cheap video games that help you do just that!

Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Professor Layton and the Curious Village is the first in a 9 game series. Alongside it is a movie, a crossover game, and a spinoff, is the first on our list of affordable and enjoyable games to help those seeking a new adventure. The story followed our hero, Professor Hershel Layton, as he examines the village of St. Mystere, the Baron Reinhold’s missing fortune, and the mysterious disappearance and reappearance of several townsfolk. The game itself centers on brain teasers and puzzles, challenging the player to think critically and deduce the answers. The game is easy to be absorbed in, and for $10 in most retail stores, it’s a great and affordable way to try something new!

Fe. Photo courtesy of PlayStation


Fe is a beautiful and entrancing dive into nature, and a wonderful escape from a stressful day at work. Without a word of dialogue or instruction, the world of Fe invites you to explore and experiment as the little fox creature known as Fe, as you attempt to save the forest from a mysterious and sinister force which threatens its magic. Often on sale for only $5, the price is worth it just for the entrancing soundtrack and visuals, and the adventure takes you to a dreamlike world of beauty and nature, far away from your bad day.


Those who play games to destress are likely familiar with the age-old classic, Minecraft. A staple game for those who seek escape from reality, Minecraft offers players the opportunity to create their own mystical and wonderfully complex buildings, landscape, creatures, or just to farm your land and ride your horse. With seemingly endless possibilities, Minecraft's cost of only $30 offers individuals an easy and everlasting way to relax and destress.

Journey. Photo courtesy of Sony


Easily one of the most beautiful games of its time, Journey offers its players a gorgeous and wordless adventure through sandy dunes and ruins of a lost civilization. It’s breathtaking soundtrack and story give the player the feeling that it truly is your journey. At $15, Journey offers an incredible vacation from the stress of your day.

Animal Crossing. Photo courtesy of Nintendo

Animal Crossing : New Leaf

If simple life is your dream, the Animal Crossing series is a cute and sweet game series that lets you life in and decorate your perfect house as you live in a town of adorable and goofy animal characters. New Leaf gives an extra level to the game by letting you play as the mayor and provider for the town, giving you the ability to add new fun spots to your town, visit a tropical getaway from home, and to enjoy dozens of town games and events. New Leaf is about to be overshadowed by a new Animal Crossing game to be released soon, and now only costs about $20 in most shops!

That’s it for this list, but you can always find other games that suit your needs and desires if you look hard enough. Sometimes you may find the best way to relax is to find what makes you happy, whether it be a puzzle, an adventure, or a story.

By Savi Swiggard, Associate Editor



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