Freshman Election Results

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

A photo of Johnson Hall at Meredith College
Photo by Madison Sholar

The Class of 2025 held elections for its representatives on Sept. 13 and 14. To adhere to the Community Standards, ballots were distributed online and campaign speeches were given on Zoom. The results of the election were announced on Sept. 15.

President: Lydia Surprenant

Vice President: Taylor O’Neil

Historian: Mikayla Watts

Student Life Representative: Alysia Rosenzweig

Campaigns took place during the week of Sept. 6 to Sept. 10. Candidates were not permitted to spend more than $50 on campaign materials and were required to submit financial reports to the Office of Student Leadership and Service.

Class representative positions are crucial on Meredith’s campus because most activities, such as Cornhuskin’, Ring Dinner and Class Day, are organized by students themselves. In addition to the usual application-based positions that can now be filled, there are still multiple elected positions that have not been filled, including class Secretary, Treasurer, Cornhuskin’ and Stunt Co-Chairs, Honor Council Representatives, Senators and Elections Board Representatives. Information about applications and interviews for all open positions should be announced within the next couple of weeks, but if students have questions or would like more information now, they can contact the president of the class immediately.

By Liz Sharpe, Contributing Writer

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