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Meet the Band: Raygun Superstar

With a self-described “indie-pop but with a darker twist” sound, Raygun Superstar is sure to take the Raleigh band scene by storm. Between lead singer Alec’s care-free dancing and the camaraderie on and off stage, this band is captivating. The band members are genuine and it is clear that they have already started to develop a small following. Having performed at two Hopscotch Festival day-parties and now booking other venues, they are a band to watch.

The Herald got a chance to hear Raygun Superstar perform at Ruby DeLuxe on Oct. 1 and ask Alec, Alex, Andrew, Jack, Jeremy and Marshall about their band’s origin, sound, inspiration and future plans.

When asked about their origin story, Andrew stated that “everybody has got a little bit of a story.” He and Marshall met at Cup A Joe and started to assemble the band. Andrew and Marshall have been playing together for roughly five years, but Jack said that Raygun Superstar “has only been around for six months.” After some exploration, Andrew and Marshall met Jack through a mutual friend; Alex, originally an “internet friend” of Andrew, was convinced to join the band after some pestering. It turned out that Alex, Marshall and Jeremy knew each other from high school, which “ended up being a really ‘small world’ scenario,” in Andrew’s words. They then brought in Jack’s brother, Alec, to sing, which rounded out the band.

The name Raygun Superstar comes from a song titled “Raygun Superstar” by a Charlotte-based band, The Business People. Jeremy said that while the band may not have been “creative” in coming up with the name because Marshall’s sister played bass in The Business People for a while, that makes the name more personal. Andrew says that it is his “homage to where he is from”: Charlotte, NC.

While the band doesn’t have an EP out yet, they hope to release music within the next few months. Once it is released it will be available on all major streaming platforms, such as Spotify and Apple Music.

My only critique is that it was difficult to hear the singer’s vocals, which could have potentially been an issue with microphone volume at the venue. Louder vocals would add to the experience of being at a Raygun Superstar show. Alec spoke passionately about his lyrics: “We shred because I have awesome lyrics for all of the songs.” Andrew said that Alec was added to the band because “he had lyrics and vocal melodies that we all liked.” I would have loved to hear their lyrics better so I could sing along, as I am sure many other concert-goers would have as well.

Raygun Superstar will be playing on Nov. 2 at 9 p.m. at Pour House Raleigh with Nordista Freeze and Versa Vice. Tickets range from $10 - $12 and proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test from within 72 hours will be required for entrance. However, the show is strictly for the 21+ crowd only, which fits the band’s brand as they took sips of beer between songs. For more information about their show or the band, they can be found on Instagram at @raygunsuperstar.

By Elinor Shelp-Peck, Co-Editor in Chief


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