Meredith College to Host COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic on April 7

A collage of images relating to vaccination: a bandage, needle, person wearing a mask, and a COVID particle with a "no" symbol around it
Graphic by Rachel Van Horne

On March 29 at 12:40 p.m., Director of Health Services Dr. Mary Johnson sent out a notice through the COVID Updates email to inform students that Meredith will be offering a vaccine clinic on April 7. To register, students and employees should use this link, which will take them to the MyMeredith site. Students and employees will be asked to upload a picture of their insurance card when registering.

The April 7 clinic will only consist of first doses. If Meredith has the Pfizer vaccine, a second dose clinic will be held 21 days later on April 28. If Meredith has the Moderna vaccine, the second dose clinic will be held 28 days later on May 5. These dates are based on the recommended interval between each dose of the respective vaccines.

For those who have not yet returned to campus this semester, remember to complete the entrance testing requirement before coming on campus. For more information regarding vaccines, go to this page on Meredith’s Staying Strong website.

By Olivia Slack, Co-Editor in Chief

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