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Meredith Conducts Campus-Wide COVID-19 PCR Testing

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

A PCR test being administered
Photo courtesy of Time Magazine

On Feb. 11, Meredith sent out an email update about an effort to minimize the asymptomatic spread of COVID-19 on campus by offering free PCR testing. Students who live on campus, have face-to-face classes or work on campus will be randomly emailed about participation in the initiative. Once selected, they can complete the registration process by signing up for one of the 60 available time slots. Appointment slots will occur during the 10:00 hour on the Monday following the student’s sign-up. Dr. Mary Johnson, Director of Health Services, says that “the testing process is very quick and easy...students arrive, check-in with a Student Health Center employee [and] are swabbed by a Mako [Medical] technician.”

The program is voluntary, but the Health Center is offering one of two free gifts for all students who receive a test — either a mug or a tumbler. Students who participate will also automatically be entered into a bi-weekly drawing for a $500 grant, which will be applied to their Meredith accounts.

“Three weeks ago, Wake County went into the orange alert category and one of the suggestions for institutes of higher education was to implement a randomized testing program to identify asymptomatic cases,” says Dr. Johnson. Meredith has partnered with Mako Medical for the undertaking of this program, as they have in the past for athletic team testing. The Health Center “appreciate[s] the students that have already participated and encourage[s] others to participate when emailed and do their part to help keep our Meredith community safe.”

Special note: I received a PCR test on Monday, March 1, through the randomized testing program. The process was quick and easy and I received my test results the next day. I would highly recommend registering for this program if you get selected; it is a great way to keep you and the entire campus safe.

By Ally Cefalu, Staff Writer


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