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Meredith Cross Country Athlete Makes Nationals

Corrine, a blonde girl in a Meredith jersey and with a number taped to her chest, running on a dirt path at nationals
Photo courtesy of Corrine Weaver

For the first time in Meredith history, an athlete from the Meredith College cross country (MCXC) team advanced to the national level. Corrine Weaver, ‘23, sat down with The Herald after her nationals debut to share how she felt about her performance and how she got there.

When asked what being the first runner from Meredith College to make it to nationals means to her, she said, “It is a very special moment and something I will never forget. I was so happy to put MCXC on the national spectrum, and I hope to do it again and encourage others that just because something has not been done before does not mean it is impossible. I really hope this sparks a light for the team and the future of MCXC.”

Going into nationals, Weaver’s goal was “to enjoy every moment and leave knowing [she] took in as much of the experience as [she] could, to race to the best of [her] ability and not let negative or nervous thoughts enter [her] head.” After finishing the race, Weaver said, “[I was] very tired but very proud and accomplished knowing I went as far as I could with my was a monsoon of people after the finish line. This race was unlike any race atmosphere I have ever been in before.”

The Herald also sat down with MCXC Coach Field Miller and asked him how he felt about being the head coach of the first Meredith student to go to nationals. Coach Miller stated, “It was always a goal and will continue to be a goal year in and year out to have representation on the national stage. I have confidence in all of our athletes through the hard work and dedication each individual puts into our program that we can continue to push our program forward and make this an expectation for new recruits as they join our program.”

Weaver said she would have never made it to nationals without the support of Coach Miller or the MCXC team. “Coach always jokes around about me going to nationals, but I didn't quite ever believe that could happen,” she explained. “He has definitely made this sport so much fun and always encourages me to work harder.”

Weaver also expressed gratitude for the support she received from her mom and grandparents, “who always lift [her] up and push [her] to get better.” She said, “I just would like to thank everyone for all the support and sweet messages I received throughout this whole week. It really made a world of difference in helping my nerves beforehand. I can't really thank everyone enough. I am so appreciative of all the support.”

When asked about his goals for MCXC’s next season, Coach Miller said, “The goal never changes, as we want to have our athletes best prepared for each season to accomplish their goals.” Coach Miller wanted to “thank [Meredith’s] administration for the continued opportunity to coach such a strong and dedicated group of athletes.” He said that “Weaver is an extremely gifted athlete who has trusted the program and is fully committed to success, and [he is] honored to have the opportunity to experience such an event like the NCAA DIII XC National Championships with her.” Coach Miller said watching Weaver make Meredith history is something he “will cherish and never forget.”

By Mia Russell, Staff Writer



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