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Meredith Welcomes CampusWell System

On the left, the Meredith College logo in maroon; on the right, the CampusWell logo
The CampusWell system allows students to opt in weekly emails about student wellness (Image courtesy of meredith,

Meredith College recently joined the CampusWell system, a website with a wealth of free health information available to students. The Meredith Herald spoke with Dr. Mary Johnson, director of Meredith College Health Services, about the program and its many benefits. Dr. Johnson said that “with an increasing flow of misinformation [surrounding health issues in recent years], it has become critically important to have a trusted source of health and wellness content.” CampusWell is intended to provide that information, vetted by doctors, psychologists, nutritionists and other professionals, to Meredith students, free of charge.

Some of the benefits of CampusWell Dr. Johnson shared include self-care guides, information about mental and physical health issues, information about appropriate situational health resources (including campus resources), and opportunities for students to rate articles and be entered into drawings for $50 Amazon gift cards. Students interested in accessing CampusWell can download the app or sign up for weekly emails. There are also hyperlinks embedded in the bottom of some pages on Meredith’s website, such as the Health Department page. CampusWell is also dedicated to accessibility and is working to meet W3C Double-A Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, making this vital information accessible for as many students as possible.

By Clary Taylor, Copy Editor


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