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Messages from the Class of 2025

Photo courtesy of @co23lovesco25 on Instagram

As a member of the Class of 2025, I have been heavily anticipating (and selfishly dreading) the graduation of my Big Class. In honor of this farewell, members of the Class of 2025 have written some special messages to commemorate the past two years together and all of the wonderful achievements of our Bigs:

“My favorite memory with my Big, Abigail Campbell, would have to be when she made me a ‘box of sunshine’ after a really tough week. She always goes above and beyond for me!” — Lindsay Cabe, ‘25

“I took some pictures with my Big before Ring Dinner, and there's this one photo that I share for everything. Like birthdays, celebrating Bigs, anything, because I think it's one of the best photos of us. My Big laughs each time because it's basically just us sitting on the swings, her rolling her eyes at me and I’m laughing. But it's one of my favorite photos of us. She was my guest for Guardian Angel, and I even submitted it for the PowerPoint.” — Maddie Comley, ‘25

“My Big has been so gracious to take me to my placement every week this semester. It was our time to bond and catch up on the week and our [lives] to give little life updates to each other. Megan, I love you so so much and I know that God will guide you in the direction you’re supposed to go in!! You will do amazing in PT school, and I’ll miss you so much! Love you, Big Sis!” — Grace Dunn, ‘25

“Katy Peachy (my Big), Hadleigh John (my Twin Sis) and I hung out in [Katy’s] apartment doing homework while she cooked us dinner. It was amazing, and we got to bond and get to know each other really well. Katy has gone above and beyond to be the best Big we could ask for!” — Kade Eisbacher, ‘25

“[My favorite memory was] when Lelia, Maddie and I all went to brunch at Cha House and talked for two hours. It was so much fun. Thank you for adopting me into your little family. Lelia, we are going to miss you so much!!” — Jordan Harrell, ‘25 (she/her)

“Gianna invited me over to have a Puerto Rican meal with her family, and they all welcomed me with open arms. Gianna is an amazing woman, and I can’t wait to see where life takes her!” — JaiMaria Howard, ‘25

“Shoutout to my Bigs! Sophia and Anna, I am thankful to have met and gotten to know you both better [by] sitting down and catching up. Can't wait to celebrate and to see what God has in store for your lives!” — Lily Lauffer, ‘25

“The very first time I met my Big Grace, we were both super nervous, but I still remember that and her Littles' bags as one of the first things that made me feel welcome at Meredith! I can't believe you're already graduating, congrats Grace!” — Isabella Lynch, ‘25

“Rosemary invited my Twin Little and [me] to her house to watch her ring ceremony at her house through the live stream. We enjoyed watching her put on her ring and [seeing] how excited she got. We also went to go take pictures and had dinner, and this brought us closer than ever. We took silly pictures and really cute ones and just had a blast.” — Salma Montasser, ‘25

“Ava, I've loved tapping with you and getting to dance with you for two years. Thanks for always being in my dances and letting me be in yours, and thank you for being a master chef!” — Sydney Nelson, ‘25

Ellie Osborne, ‘25, said her favorite memory with her Big was the “Keith Urban Concert summer of 2022.”

“For Cassie: My Big is the best Big I could've asked for here at Meredith. She is caring, hilarious, genuine and a good-time girl! She is the big sister I never had, and I am so thankful that Meredith brought us together. I will cherish our time here forever, and I know she'll remain in my life after both of our graduations. I can't wait to see what she does out in the world! I'll always be here for you, and I cannot thank you enough for the impact you've had on me . . . Love you, mean it, Cassie Dickerson!” — Sophie Phillips, ‘25

“My Big took me to White Iris my sophomore year so I wouldn't go alone, and I really appreciated that! Abi is such a wonderful Big, and they've become such an important part of my time at Meredith!” — Ashton-Brette Rusthoven, ‘25

“Rachael, I remember when you invited me over to you and Julia's house when it was snowing outside, and we went and ran out in the snow and then had a fun and cozy night inside. I will miss you so, so much, thank you for being the best Big Sis! Also, shoutout to my honorary Big Julia, you have been amazing!” — Aniston Sennett, ‘25

“Emma, I will miss our sporadic lunches and Lucky Tree runs! I am so glad to have met you, and I wish you the best as you enter the world outside of our home, sweet MC!” — Cady Stanley, ‘25

“I remember it was one of the first times we met, and we got takeout and we sat and ate by the amphitheater, us three just clicked, and it meant a lot to start college knowing such a genuinely kind person was going to be by my side. You’re going to [do] such great things, Caroline!” — Emily Storment, ‘25

Compiled By Cady Stanley, Arts and Entertainment Editor


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