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Missing Corn Signs (Again)

Graphic by Aminah Jenkins

As the Cornhuskin’ 2022 celebrations of the past weekend come to end, it has been yet another year where a class’s signs have gone missing. This Corn season, two signs belonging to the Class of 2024 were taken from areas surrounding the quad, including one near Belk Dining Hall (BDH) and another near Vann Residence Hall.

On Nov. 3 of last year, the Alumnae House sent out an email to the Meredith community regarding two Cornhuskin’ 2021 signs that had gone missing from areas near the front drive. This year, Michaela Altman, the Class of 2024 Cornhuskin’ Co-Chair, was “not sure why some of [their] spirit signs were taken during this Cornhuskin’ season” and believes that “they may have been picked up by some students who thought it would be funny to steal [their] signs.”

Altman noted that the first sign to be taken was a yellow duck located outside BDH that had been put up immediately after the return from fall break. Within twenty four hours, it was gone, but it reappeared in the courtyard two weeks later. Altman had it returned to its original spot before being taken again, and it “still has not been found.” Another of the signs taken was a corn-shaped cutout with a countdown on it that was located near Vann. Altman felt particularly upset about the signs’ disappearances because “both of these signs were passed down from [their] big sis class, so they have a sentimental value to them,” and she was particularly “frustrated” that “[their] effort [was] being taken advantage of.”

Despite being in contact with Meredith Recreation Association (MRA) Co-Chairs Mary Grace Teachey, ‘24, and Consepcion Cruz, ‘23, as well as Kacey Reynolds Schedler, the Assistant Director of Student Leadership and Service (SLS) and the Meredith Events staff, no one knew what happened to the signs and still have yet to find them.

Altman concluded by quoting the Cornhuskin' manual, which states that "Spirit must be inclusive of all classes; vandalism of other classes’ spirit and/or slander of other classes will not be tolerated."

By Shae-Lynn Henderson, News Editor



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