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NCARH Passes New Legislation

The North Carolina Association of Residence Halls (NCARH) recently passed two new legislations that promote a more inclusive environment. The first legislation calls for all former and future legislations to use they/them pronouns instead of s/ he pronouns. According to NCARH Chair Jancie Santiago, this legislation allows “everyone to feel included and accepted in the NCARH community.” The second legislation allows schools from South Carolina to be members of NCARH in addition to North Carolina schools. Jancie says that South Carolina schools will benefit from this legislation “because their statewide conference culminated two years ago,” and their membership invites them to “create new connections with NC institutions” at North Carolina’s own conference.

Jancie explains, “NCARH inspires student leadership to grow, be inclusive and be accepting towards people’s needs in the campus community while communicating with other schools to improve each institution’s RHA.”

By Molly Perry, Staff Writer


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