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November's Rockin' Tunes

New This Month:

Positions by Ariana Grande

Although this album came out on Oct. 30, it was a quick release, and it was also fast to take over the charts. Its success is no mistake. From start to finish this album has an empowering and mature vibe. Grande takes hold of her sexual side while maintaining her vulnerability, and the album’s theme of the unapologetic self is a lesson we should all learn from. Each song will make you want to take control of your life and own who you are. My personal favorites from this album are “just like magic,” “pov,” “nasty,” “positions” and “motive.” Each song is great independently, but they all come together to make a well-rounded album.

Artists like Ariana Grande: Selena Gomez and JoJo

Apolonio by Omar Apollo

When I first listened to Omar Apollo, I felt like I had struck gold. All of his songs will immediately put you in a rhythmic trance that you’ll never want to escape. His new album maintains that effect. The whole experience of the album is melodically pleasing; it’s a refreshing take on the alternative genre. My personal favorites are “Want U Around,” “The Two of Us” and “Kamikaze.” Even though the album in total is only 26 minutes long, you’ll spend much more time with it on repeat.

Artists like Omar Apollo: Dominic Fike and Ruel

“blind” by ROLE MODEL

This is my first encounter with ROLE MODEL’s music, and I have to say it had a great first impression on me. This single has such a fun vibe to it that it’s hard not to love. My favorite lyrics from the single are “I fall pretty hard/ Never really getting far/ You make everyone/ Look like they aren’t anyone.” I think that those lyrics are very honest, especially when it comes to the beginning stage of loving someone. I find the lyrics to be particularly romantic, as they highlight the tunnel vision of new love. Overall, it is such a fresh and fun song; everyone should have it on their radar.

Artists like ROLE MODEL: Thomas Headon and The 1975

The Otherside by Cam

This album will completely change your idea of the country genre. Cam perfectly meshes notes of “old” country with “new” country. Her soulful voice mixed with classic rhythms grounds the listener. This album will leave you feeling nostalgic and at peace all at once, making it impossible to be torn away from it. The album is exhilarating and exciting; I hope it makes an impact on country music as we know it. My personal favorites are “Diane,” “Changes,” “Til There’s Nothing Left” and “Happier For You.” Fun fact: “Diane” is the perspective of the other woman in Dolly Parton’s “Jolene.” This album will be your go-to country pick.

Artists like Cam: Miranda Lambert and Maddie & Tae

Love Goes by Sam Smith

Sam Smith’s Love Goes makes you reminisce and heal from heartbreak all in a span of 57 minutes. They truly have showcased their talents yet again in their third studio album. This album is filled with raw emotion and robust vocals; those qualities paired with brilliant songwriting make this a great album. My personal favorite tracks are “Kids Again,” “So Serious,” “For The Lover That I Lost” and “Dancing With A Stranger.” Also, in case you still aren’t convinced about their brilliant songwriting, Sam Smith helped co-write the track “Happier For You” by Cam that was mentioned above.

Artists like Sam Smith: John Legend and Adele

Still On Repeat:

“Call Me in the Afternoon” by Half Moon Run

My friend played this song for me on a drive, and I immediately fell in love. It is the perfect driving and dancing song. This is a song that sounds fun but has a darker lyrical motion to it. It’s a solid alternative genre track all through. Like we say at Meredith College, you just have to experience it.

Artists like Half Moon Run: Of Monsters and Men and Amber Run

Heartbreak Weather by Niall Horan

This album has been on repeat for me all year. I have listened to it consistently since its release on March 13 of this year. It has such a light and fun mood to it that it’s hard to stop listening. Niall Horan has truly grown as an artist since his time in One Direction. Each song is different but is consistent with the sound that Horan has made for himself. Each song also tells a story, making it easy to imagine the scenarios he is putting forth. My personal favorite tracks are “San Francisco,” “Cross Your Mind,” “Heartbreak Weather,” “Still” and “Small Talk.”

Artists like Niall Horan: Lewis Capaldi and Harry Styles

“I Hope” by Gabby Barrett

When I first heard this song a year ago, my jaw dropped. The power this song exudes is unlike any other. If you haven’t heard this song yet, I do not want to ruin the experience you’ll have. The plot twist is unlike any other I have heard in a song. Not only is the song powerful, but it is catchy too. It’s truly a lyrically strong song and will easily become one of your new favorites.

Artists like Gabby Barrett: Maren Morris and Kelsea Ballerini

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By Kaylee Haas, Staff Writer


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