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Pop Culture with Aminah: 5 Trends I Think Will Be Cheugy in 10 Years

A green background with illustrations of sunglasses, a disposable camera, and a tote bag
Graphic created by Olivia Slack

The term “cheugy” has been used a lot recently. Meaning “untrendy,” the word is used to describe any trend that is considered outdated by the current generation. Social media users have begun making a list of things they think are or will be cheugy. This is a list of things I think will be cheugy within the next 10 years.

LED lights

These color-changing strip lights rose to popularity after users on TikTok went viral for decorating their rooms and creating content with them. Even though they were unique at first, they became old really fast.

Clout goggles

I haven’t seen a pair of these in almost three years, so it’s fair to say that they’re already out of style. But I have a strong feeling that people will look back on pictures from that time and think, “This is what people were going crazy over?”

Tote bags

I love a good tote bag just as much as the next person. They feel like a true time piece. I can see them making a resurgence in the next 30 years when teenagers look for trends to replicate.

Squiggly lines on nails

Nail trends usually come and go faster than others, and this is definitely a trend that only has a few more months left. It reminds me of how prominent floral print was in 2014.

Disposable cameras

Most pop culture trends tend to be recycled from years prior. This new wave of developing disposable pictures into digital memories has reignited the general public’s love for film photography. But in the age of digital photography, apps like Dispo have made it easier to recreate the filters without the use of the camera.

By Aminah Jenkins, News Editor


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