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Popcorn Kernel Reviews: MacGyver (2016 Reboot)

The poster for the Macgyver TV show
Image courtesy of IMDb

The world of espionage and a man with a Swiss army knife comes to life in the 2016 MacGyver reboot. This rendition of the classic TV series from 1985 will keep you and your family entertained for hours. MacGyver is a crime show for all ages that has lots of suspense and action, to say the least.

MacGyver follows Angus “Mac” MacGyver’s life as an undercover agent for the Phoenix Foundation, a secret government organization. Mac solves crimes across the globe with his partner, Jack Dalton. Mac only uses his brains, a Swiss army knife and the random junk around him to get him out of a crisis.

MacGyver never lets you stop guessing what Mac is going to come up with every episode. You’ll have plenty of questions throughout, and the laughter never stops with Jack Dalton’s funny commentary in the background as Mac tries to explain the physics and engineering of a problem. This reboot, starring Lucas Till and George Eads as Mac and Jack, keeps you wondering when the next plot twist will come.

This show is fantastic to watch if you are a fan of action, crime and adventure with a splash of humor. On a scale from one to 10 popcorn kernels, one being the worst and 10 being “I’m obsessed,” my rating of MacGyver would be about 8 kernels. A couple of kernels were subtracted because there were times where they missed a wonderful opportunity to showcase Jack Dalton’s humor. Also, there are massive “jump cuts” within scenes. If you want to try out this show for yourself, go to CBS All Access.

10 popcorn kernels, with the eighth one circled

By Laurelyn Ponder, Contributing Writer

Graphic by Madison Sholar, Copy Editor

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