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Meredith College has been encouraging recycling and composting on campus. According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s website, composting has a number of benefits besides reducing food waste including its potential to rid “contaminated air” of industrial volatile organic chemicals.

The week of March 25-29 was Recycling Week, and the residence halls and Oaks apartments held a composting competition to make students more aware of food waste and to potentially introduce a larger composting program at Meredith. Graduate students Paige Craven, Bagley Knox, Nicole Leary and Evie Copeland who organized the program and competition set out with their goal of “reduc[ing] the amount of food waste going forward at Meredith College.” Concluding yesterday, Oaks residents composted 77.87 pounds of food scraps. Compost Angels hope that the program can be implemented longterm in the future. To achieve this, it takes participation from all, they said.

The program was a success in its awareness aspect and in student participation, the group wrote. “The Oaks residents show how strong Meredith College is when making an environmental impact. Thank you for your participation, we are so thrilled that students are showing an interest in our program!”

Students who want to continue composting can take their food scraps to the Three Sisters Garden or a smaller garden tucked away at Martin Hall. There are composters, large crates containing soil, hay, and scraps, where students can contribute their scraps.

By Sarah Kiser, Editor in Chief



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