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Section Editor Reflection: Arts and Entertainment

The Arts and Entertainment (A&E) section of The Meredith Herald is a joy to edit. The section highlights artists, events and pop culture trends relevant to the Meredith community, and I love being able to participate in sharing my love for the arts with other students through this section.

We all love watching TV shows and movies; reading novels or listening to music. Art can deeply and powerfully unite the Meredith community. It can provide a much-needed outlet for all kinds of emotions that we face as we grow into adulthood. We can take our heartbreak, stress, grief and joy and express them in profound, creative ways. Meredith College has an abundance of art on campus: studio art, theatre, dance, graphic design, music, chorus and more. Highlighting these programs and student accomplishments within them is one of my favorite parts of editing this section.

Growing up surrounded by art, I have cultivated a deep appreciation for the extreme commitment and discipline required to succeed in any art form. My experience with art here at Meredith has also reaffirmed my understanding of art’s importance in our society. While the arts are often underfunded and represented, having the opportunity to prioritize the creative efforts of students and the surrounding Raleigh community is an extremely humbling opportunity. The A&E section also provides students with information to access art on campus that may speak to them and empower them. Having access to receive and view art is equally important as having the opportunity to create it.

All students have their own preferred forms of entertainment and personal expression, and the goal of the A&E section is to provide information to students about the Meredith arts community and other popular entertainment events. I hope that this section allows students to find themselves in the media they consume, and I hope they can use this section to deepen their love for the arts.

By Cady Stanley, Arts and Entertainment Editor


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