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Shae-Lynn Henderson Elected as the 2023-24 Editor in Chief

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Photo courtesy of Shae-Lynn Henderson

On Thursday, April 20, Shae-Lynn Henderson was elected as the 2023-24 editor in chief (EIC) of The Meredith Herald. Voting members of The Herald’s Editorial Board selected the upcoming EIC in a vote of 8-1. Henderson hopes to continue the hard work of previous EICs in growing the organization and developing the Meredith community.

In her candidate speech to the Editorial Board, Henderson explained that her experiences on staff “further ignited [her] passion” to take on the leadership role.

“I am strongly invested in the development and growth of the teams and organizations I am involved in,” Henderson explained. “I hope that my commitment to fairness and my contributions to The Herald and the [Board] thus far demonstrate that.”

After the results were announced, Henderson sat down with The Herald to share more about her upcoming editorship.

Henderson joined staff her freshman year to fulfill her passion for writing and community building. As a psychology major, she does not plan on pursuing a career in journalism. However, she appreciates the opportunity to “engage so many members of Meredith and the broader community.”

Henderson’s vision for The Herald is to use the publication’s platform for “effective and meaningful communication.”

“As an organization, the goal is to be representative of the broader group and be able highlight achievement, bring fair and accurate information, discuss opinions and strive for giving a voice to students and the larger community,” she explained. “I hope to use the foundation that has been laid by all previous EICs and bring to fruition the ideas and goals of the staff and my fellow board members.”

When it comes to the student body, Henderson believes that their interests are a microcosm of the broader community The Herald serves.

“Staying true to the content we have covered thus far has brought a good balance of the two and we continue to deliver relevant and entertaining information via the paper, online pieces and our podcast,” she stated.

For Herald staff members, Henderson expressed a desire to hear their ideas and goals out while also offering more professional development opportunities.

“My goal is to recognize your individual talents and be able to harness and bring them together to cultivate an environment for both individual and group success as well as fulfillment,” she stated.

The importance of journalistic integrity is at the heart of Henderson’s coverage goals. She noted that staff is dedicated to staying up to date on campus information and following a thorough process for each article. However, community input is just as important.

“[Having] more people who are willing to engage in and be a part of the process can only help develop journalistic integrity and professionalism,” Henderson said.

Henderson thanked the voting members of the Editorial Board for entrusting her with the position. “I hope to exceed expectations and continue to cultivate a successful and empowering environment which inspires growth,” she stated.

By Aminah Jenkins, Editor in Chief


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