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Spring 2018 Theme Social Inequality

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

- By Abby Ojeda, Staff Writer -

This spring, the Meredith School of Arts and Humanities unites around the theme of social inequality through an exciting series of events. See the list below to participate in this thematic learning experience:

A&H Common Experience Events

Apr. 5, 7-8 p.m. — Spectacular!

A Multicultural Night of Theatre, Poetry,

Music, and Food (SMB Roof)

“Spectacular! — ¡Espectacular! — Spettacolare! — Spectaculaire! is a celebration of culture that will feature poetry, theatre, music, dance, and food from across the globe. Students will perform in a number of different languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, and English. The event is sponsored by the Departments of English and Foreign Languages and Literatures and forms part of the Arts & Humanities Common Experience.” –Dr. Wade

Apr. 13, 10-11 AM — Panel Discussion

On Marie Antoinette and Social Inequality

(Carswell Auditorium)

“This panel discussion will focus on the theme of social inequality and how it is portrayed in the play Marie Antoinette, which will be performed at Meredith the following week. The School of Arts and Humanities houses a wide array of academic disciplines whose scholars view events, trends, and circumstances through a variety of very different lenses. The panel is intended to demonstrate the richness of a discussion where participants approach a single theme from multiple perspectives–in this instance, sociology, history, French studies, and theatre. Our understanding of Marie Antoinette and her world, and of the larger issue of social inequality in general, becomes expanded, more nuanced, and more meaningful as we put different scholarly approaches to these topics in conversation with each other. The discussion will be moderated by students Sidney Shank and Mimi Mays and will feature four Arts & Humanities faculty from four different departments: Dr. Amie Hess, Dr. Angela Robbins, Dr. Veronique Machelidon, Dr. Cathy Rodgers.” – Dr. Sarah Roth

Apr. 17, 5:45-7 PM — Hunger Feast

Food scarcity awareness event (Belk West)

Hunger Feast is a hunger awareness experience and food drive

designed to call attention to local and global hunger issues. A google doc will be made available for sign ups. When guests arrive they will donate either food or money to benefit an after-school program, and then they will receive an assigned meal that will symbolize the hunger of those with food insecurity or the feast of those with little food insecurity. Afterward, guests will be invited to attend the opening night production of Marie Antoinette.

Apr. 17-21, 7-9:30 PM; Apr. 22, 3-5 PM

Marie Antoinette, by David Adjmi, performed by Meredith Ensemble Theatre (Studio Theatre)

Note: Admission is free for Meredith students, faculty & staff. The play contains adult themes and language.

“Marie Antoinette is a fresh take on the downfall of the French queen we all know and love, tracking her course from the extravagant rooms at Versailles to her final days in prison. The play blurs the line between a historical piece and a contemporary adaptation, creating a biting commentary not only on social class issues from 18th century France, but also the privileged elite of today.” – Leslie Castro  


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