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Spring Traditions

As spring begins to bloom at Meredith, the college continues onward with the rollout of traditions. All of these traditions for the year will be Alice-themed, with the campus’s celebration of the 100th anniversary of Meredith faculty and staff performing “Alice in Wonderland”. While the show has already passed, the Meredith community still has opportunities to participate in campus and class traditions for the spring. 

The most recent event was hosted on Feb. 27, 2024, where Meredith celebrated the college’s 133rd birthday. President Jo Allen, ‘80, gave remarks at the start of the event. The ceremony involved birthday-themed desserts, beverages and giveaways for members of the Meredith community to celebrate 133 years of Meredith. 

As for class traditions, the Class of 2026 will be hosting Charming Evening. This event will be held on March 7 with the theme of “Alice Got Her Wings.” This sophomore tradition, which celebrates the halfway point of collegiate experience as sophomores inch closer to their onyx rings, will be held at the Royal Banquet in Raleigh. The classes of 2024 and 2026 will also be holding their Tea for Two event on Apr. 6. 

This year’s Spring Formal Dance will be held on March 23, 2024. In honor of the Class of 2024, the underclassmen will be hosting the dance. The event will be held at the Raleigh Crabtree Marriott. All Meredith students and guests are welcome. 

Towards  the end of the semester, the Class of 2027 will be holding their annual Fire and Water dinner, with the theme of “Hats Off for Tea Time.” April is filled with traditions, as the Meredith Activities Board (MAB) will be holding a last day of class (LDOC) festival on 26. This date also marks the Resident Housing Association (RHA) Daisy Fest. As April draws to an end,  the spring festivities and class celebrations will conclude with Class Day, which will be held on May 10. Class Day is a final celebration of the senior class’s four years at Meredith. 

Between now and the end of the semester, there are more traditions to keep an eye out for. This year’s annual Crook Hunt between the classes of 2024 and 2025 will be held from March 3 through March 27. Crook Hunt is another class celebration between juniors and seniors, in which seniors hide a wooden crook on campus for the junior class to find. Guided by senior clues, juniors spend this time trying to find the crook. If found, the crook is brought to Class Day wrapped in black ribbon, and if not, the crook is brought to Class Day in the senior class color ribbon. 

STUNT will be held on April 12 from 2-7p.m. This year’s theme is “MC Down the Rabbit Hole” and is coordinated  by the Meredith Recreation Association (MRA). Similar to Cornhuskin’, STUNT is a long-standing  Meredith tradition that has been in place for over a century to promote class unity. Rules for STUNT are located in the Student Leadership and Service (SLS) office on the second floor of Cate Center. This year’s STUNT will be held at the Belk Dining Hall Courtyard. 

Ultimately, the spring season brings in warmth, light and change. With these traditions, Meredith College does the same for the community that surrounds it.

By Kat Whetstone, Staff Writer


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