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The Fall Lookbook

The inspiration for this lookbook was taken from all parts of Meredith’s campus—from the students’ outfits to the colors of the changing leaves. The purpose of this lookbook is to showcase Meredith students' fashion and create a platform for students to engage with different fall themed outfits and styles. The hope is that students will be able to feel the ‘autumn vibes’ radiate from the pictures and descriptions in this lookbook.

Fashion tips were included at the end of the lookbook for people who are new to fashion or who want more autumn-themed outfits. Included tips include but aren’t limited to layering, wear gold jewelry, and try to fit into a fall themed color scheme of warm colors. To expand on those tips, check out a thrift store, or a few, to find both staple and statement pieces. Run down the clothing racks to find long sleeve shirts or flannels for layering, sweaters and cardigans for the perfect grandma-sweater look, and blazers or weathered leather jackets to use as a warm statement jacket. Autumn is all about a color scheme of warm and jewel tones, so put any gold jewelry, boots, and some sleeved shirts to good use this season .

Autumn brings on a season full of warm lattes and hot chocolate, orange leaves covering the ground, and a warm cozy feeling no matter the temperature outside.We hope this ‘autumn vibe’ is conveyed in this fall themed lookbook.

By Kailey Wurr, Contributing Writer and Lys Evans, Contributing Writer


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