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The One Where They Became Big/Lil’

A sign saying "Welcome Littles" outside of the SLS office
Photo by Madison Sholar

On Aug. 25, the Classes of 2023 and 2025 celebrated Sister Share Day. Emails were sent to each Big Sis/Lil’ Sis pair informing them of their new matches, and two socials have already taken place that have encouraged bonding between the classes.

The “Central Perk Coffee” social was held on Aug. 26 in the Belk Dining Hall (BDH) Courtyard, and was where Littles first met their Bigs. This Friends themed event featured a series of activities like lawn games, photo booths, to-go coffee and café snacks. This event was also the first official performance from the newly selected Oddballs.

“You’ve Got a Friend in Me” movie night was another social held on Aug. 28. This event was held in McIver Amphitheater, and Bigs and Littles watched Toy Story. Both socials followed campus COVID-19 guidelines, including masks, social distancing and to-go meals to be enjoyed in private spaces.

On Aug. 27, Big Sis/Lil’ Sis Co-Chairs Caroline Bell, ‘23, and Carolina Gao, ‘23, sent an email that said, “For those of you with Big/Little issues, we are working to fix any issues that have been brought to our attention.” If there are any problems with the pairing students are encouraged to reach out to the co-chairs for a new pairing or a resolution.

By Jayce Perry, Contributing Writer, and Rachel Van Horne, Associate Editor


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