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Why Class Registration Was Pushed Back

As students pass the midterm part of the semester, planning for the spring semester begins. However, this year registration will begin slightly later than usual. On Oct. 4, Dr. Jean Jackson sent out a message from Shelly McMahon, the Registrar, concerning pre-registration for classes. In this email, it was stated that the date for pre-registration had been pushed back to Nov. 4. The course schedule became available on Self-Service on Oct. 18.

The reason given for this schedule change was to allow for more advising time. It was also stated that Oct. 13 was the last day for students to declare their major to allow their new advisor to approve their schedule for the spring semester. If a student declares their major after this date, their current advisor will have to approve their schedule.

The Herald spoke with McMahon to find out more about the Office of the Registrar’s decision to push back registration. McMahon said, “We have experienced a number of changes to the course schedule in the last year due to COVID-19. We are happily undertaking the task of switching the majority of our Spring 2022 courses from online or some form of online hybrid modality back to face-to-face.” Because of these changes in course modality, the registrar needed more time to prepare the schedule.

“In addition, room capacities remain at a reduced level to keep students at a safe distance in the classrooms, which also had a significant impact on course scheduling,” McMahon said. “It is the Office of the Registrar’s goal to present an accurate course schedule and the team needed more time to make that happen.” In order to accomplish that goal, the registration date was pushed back. This also allowed “ample time for faculty advisors to work with their students and to give them the high-level of support they deserve.”

McMahon also confirmed that those who receive priority registration times, such as students in the Teaching Fellows or Honors programs, will still be able to register early.

By Maggie Barnhill, Staff Writer


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