The Meredith Herald is Meredith College’s campus newspaper produced bi-weekly by MC students and based in Raleigh, NC. The staff of the Herald is committed to representing our diverse community by publicizing local events, addressing controversy, cultivating civic engagement and empowering women. Pick up a free copy from a table near you, or out of one of our Herald boxes located around campus!

Cate Center Box (1st floor, across from the elevator)
Johnson Hall Box (1st floor, across from Accounting Office)
Joyner Hall Box (1st floor, next to copy machines)
Martin Hall Box (1st floor, near south entrance)

Awards & Nominations:

NC College Media Association Conference 2020

Honorable Mention in Opinion Writing, Small School

(piece by Savi Swiggard)

2nd place in Cartoon, Small School 

(comic by Micah Clark)

NC College Media Association Conference 2019

2nd place in Cartoon, Small School

(comic by Micah Clark)

Photography by Kaylin Tsukayama

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