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10 Cornhuskin' Themes That Will Never Be

1. Magic Mike: Corn all day, Corn all night

2. Fight Club: The first rule of Corn is: you do not talk about Corn.

3. Die Hard: Yippee ki yay, Mother Shuckers

4. The Fast and The Furious: The most important thing in life will always be the people in that amphitheatre.

5. Black Panther: This is your theme?

6. Grey’s: Real life only comes in shades of corn. Corn changes in a heartbeat. Let the year you win be your senior.

7. The Godfather: I’ll give you an experience you can’t refuse.

8. Get Out: Just because you request a guest ticket doesn’t mean you’ll get one.

9. Handmaid’s Tale: Ignoring practice isn’t the same as ignorance, you have to work at it.

10. House of Cards: A great person once said, “Everything is about Corn. Except for Corn. Corn is about power.”

By Angela Cowo and Hannah Davis Johns, Staff Writers

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