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Anti-War Demonstration in SMB Courtyard

On Thursday, Jan. 18, a number of Meredith students gathered outside of the Science and Math Building (SMB) for an “anti-war demonstration.” This demonstration was led by students, and flyers were found around campus to advertise the demonstration, which was advertised as peaceful. According to the flyers, the purpose of this event was “to stand up against senseless violence against Yemen, Palestrine and other countries.” 

Alexandra Mussatti, the Meredith student listed as a contact person on the flyers, said that “the idea came about between a few of the students who have been actively watching, and in some cases protesting, actions in the Middle East.”

Mussati shared that “It seems minor and insignificant at a local level, but when many voices speak across the nation, then finally those in charge chose to listen; this is how large social change has happened in the past.” Additionally, Mussatti noted that society is currently in an era where individuals “can see the effects of these offensive strikes,” on phones and online. However, Musssati shared the sentiment that while it may be over for some after putting the phone down, it is not over for the people living through it. Mussati added that they believe it is a “civic duty to stand against the actions of [the] government, which threatens the safety of people with no justifiable cause.” 

Mussatti said the group wants fellow Meredith students to know that those who were peacefully demonstrating were “not demonstrating because [they] care about making a zealous political statement.” Instead, Mussati shared that they are demonstrating because “a human life is worth more than the spoils of war and imperialism.”

Kailey Wurr, Staff Writer

Photo shared by Kailey Wurr, Staff Writer

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