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Apple Bobbin’ Jeans! Corn with the Husks!

Photo courtesy of Meredith College

Seniors took the win at Cornhuskin’. Their memorable skit addressed the fear every senior has: “What happens after we leave?” The answer? No worries, ladies! The Onyx ring will always bring us back together.

After the event, the overall scores were tallied together by the event’s judges and announced by the MRA Cornhuskin’ co-chairs. The seniors won with a total of 92 points making them this year’s Cornhuskin champions. The juniors took second place with 82 points, the sophomores grabbed third with 62 points and the freshmen landed in fourth with 40 points.

Great job, class of 2020, and congratulations on your win!

By Alyssa Irons, Contributing Writer

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