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Are You Juicing? Things to Know Before You Vape

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

There are many issues with vaping that have recently been brought to light in the news. The hazards of cigarettes are medically proven and are recognized by general society, but do we fully understand the serious risk that comes with vaping? Many who use e-cigs believe that it's just flavored water and nicotine. Apparently, though, it is something that goes much deeper and is much more dangerous than people initially thought.

Many parents are worried their children are being directly targeted by major companies and corporations. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recently released a statement saying that the number of teens vaping is currently in the millions. This can be attributed to companies (such as JUUL) selling flavors that appeal to teenagers and to corporations (such as Slick Vapes, SmokeTastic and DaVinci Vaporizer) offering scholarships or sponsoring music festivals geared toward the younger population.

Following the first reported death caused by vaping, parents and media outlets called for answers regarding the health risks. However, teens and young adults seem to ignore these warnings. The CDC has been trying to combat this issue by releasing commercials warning teens and young adults about the dangers of this addictive habit.

Possible effects on teens and young adults include brain damage, as the average human brain is not fully grown until about 25 years of age. E-cigs can also contain harmful substances other than just nicotine, and smoking can increase your risk of drug addiction later. According to the CDC, the juice is not just flavored water; it can also contain heavy metals, carcinogens, volatile organic compounds and ultra fine particles.

So, before you pick up an e-cig, you may want to ask yourself if it is worth it.

By Hannah Brittain-Du Bois, Staff Writer


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