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Beltline Out of Line

- By Teressa Berton, Social Media Coordinator -

The North Carolina Department of Transportation, or NCDOT, has recently proposed an improvement for I-440. While the beltline is an integral part of transportation around Raleigh, this plan will encroach upon Meredith College’s campus, yet again. Over the years, highway expansions have claimed more and more of Meredith’s land, and this latest proposition would bring the total to 20% of Meredith College’s campus. This new expansion will drastically affect Meredith College’s future in Raleigh, despite its meaningful past.

Meredith College has been a part of our community since 1891, and has stood proudly at its current location since 1926. In the past nine decades the College has taken root in the city of oaks, drawing in young women who would go on to become essential parts of our community. Meredith has reached national acclaim, hailed as one of America’s greatest colleges by Forbes and the Princeton Review. Meredith College has been a giving asset to the Triangle, but this plan  asks too much. To quote Meredith College President and alumna, Dr. Allen, “Meredith has given enough.”

The proposed plan will scar the face of a Designed Historic Landscape, stunt the growth of a proud Raleigh institution and prevent the further attraction of students – future community leaders. I beseech the NCDOT to spare our campus, respect its boundaries, and preserve our lux. We at the herald  strongly suggest that all. students, faculty, and alumnae take action Leave your comment on the Hillsborough/Wade Ave. interchange plan before August 22nd at , when NCDOT will stop taking public comment on the project.  To take a decisive stance you may also write a letter to North Carolina Department of Transportation, 1548 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC, 27699-1548, call (919) 707-6178, or email at, and tell NCDOT to go back to the drawing board!



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