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Building New Opportunities at Meredith

A photo of the updated construction on Meredith's new building
Photo by Elisabeth Sinicrope

Construction of Meredith’s new Exercise and Sports Science (ESS) and Communication building has continued this school year. The new addition to campus is projected to be finished this June and open in August, in time for fall courses.

This new, one-level building is set to house courses for both the Communication and Exercise Sports and Science departments, along with designated spaces for the athletic coaches. Those participating in communication courses can look forward to using the new media studio that will be placed in the building. There is also a human performance lab to give ESS students hands-on experience in their studies. The multiple classrooms, studios and offices will offer plenty of space for both departments.

Through this campus expansion, the Communication Department will no longer be housed in the Harris Building with the Business Department. This allows both departments to grow in their respective spaces on campus. ESS will also be gaining the opportunity to restore the facilities they once had and continue to develop their department.

By Maggie Barnhill, Staff Writer


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