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Campus Security

Meredith has been recognized for the safety and security of its campus, but recently there was an attempted crime reported on campus. In light of this incident, campus security gives the following suggestions for what to do in the event of a crime against you or someone else.

Self-protection means knowing how to avoid being the victim of a crime and knowing what to do if you are a victim.  Most crimes are crimes of opportunity.

  1. Remember! Don’t be a hero. If you are faced with a weapon, the odds are against you.

  2. Always be aware of your surroundings and the people you come in contact with.

  3. Avoid walking alone if possible. Walk in groups of four or more and try to stay in well-populated areas. Try to avoid working late at night alone; if you must, lock your doors.

  4. If you are alone at night and find that someone is following you or someone is in your residence or work area you don’t know, go to the nearest residence or safe place and call the police for help. Stay on the phone until the police arrive.

  5. If someone in a car is following you, turn and walk in the other direction.

  6. Never prop open entry doors to your residence hall, and never let someone you don’t know into your residence hall who can harm you and others in the residence hall.

  7. Stay away from tall shrubbery, dark shadows near buildings, and other isolated areas.

Immediately report any suspicious activity, vehicles, or people to the Meredith College campus police at (919) 760-8888.


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