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Campus-Wide Election Results Announced

Meredith College's Johnson Hall
Photo by Madison Sholar

On Wednesday, Feb. 10, campus-wide election results were announced for the 2021-22 school year. The results are listed below.


SGA President: Sarah Powell

SGA Secretary: Machaela Murrell

Senate Chair: Sarah Jennings

Association of Meredith Commuters (AMC) President: Bryanna Garcia

Class of 2022: Class president: Casey Corpening

Elections Board Representative: Bryanna Garcia

Cornhuskin' Co-Chairs: Eliza Breakey and Jeanine Carryl

Class of 2023:

Class president: Denise Bahena-Bustos

Vice President: Hunter Klas

Historian: Julianne Pitts

Honor Council Representative: Anne Edwards

Student Life Representatives: Blakely Barker, Abigail Turner and Julie Casavant

Senators: Elena Blackwelder and Elizabeth Sharpe

Cornhuskin' Co-Chairs: Consepcion Cruz and Aminah Jenkins

Stunt Co-Chairs: Consepcion Cruz and Aminah Jenkins

Class of 2024:

Treasurer: Kelsey McCray

Honor Council Representative: Rachel Lovin

Student Life Representative: Tiani Hinnant

Many class and campus-wide positions remain open following this election. Information about application processes for the open positions will be sent out over the next month.

By Olivia Slack and Elinor Shelp-Peck, Co-Editors in Chief


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