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Campus-Wide Election Results Announced

A map of Merdith’s campus with a maroon border, and the words “Meredith College” written on top
Photo by Grayson Morris

The results of Meredith’s campus-wide and class elections for 2023 have been announced. Candidates campaigned from Feb. 6-10, with speeches being held in the Kresge Auditorium. Over 20 different positions have been filled.

Ella Cannon, the new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Chair, explained she ran because she wanted to be more involved in student government. “I want to work toward making our campus more inclusive and a place students feel like they belong and want to participate in traditions and campus activities,” she said.

Positions on the SGA Executive Board like the Senate Chair and Student Life Chair offer a channel for communication between the student body and Meredith’s leadership. These positions also promote academic success, college strength and leadership and accountability among students.

Breanna Bivens, the new WINGS President, stated she wants to “increase the visibility of WINGS students as productive members on Campus.”

“I recognize the value the WINGS organization has had on my academic journey, and I wanted to help as many other WINGS students as I can recognize this same value,” she said. “This is ultimately what drove me to run for WINGS president.”

New student elects will step into their roles during the fall of 2023. The full list of results are listed below:

Campus Wide

SGA President Mary Grace Teachey

SGA Treasurer and SAF Chair Josephine Mulveny

Senate Chair Ellie Osborne

Elections Board Chair Sophia Bogan

Student Life Chair Alysia Rosenzweig

WINGS President Breanna Bivens

DEI Chair Ella Cannon

MRA President Lizbeth Burgos De Pena

AMC President Machaela Murrell

Class of 2024 Positions

President Abby Dittmann

Class Senator Freya Dahlgren

Class Honor Council Representative Tiani Hinnant

Cornhuskin' Co-Chairs Michaela Altman and Brionna Stewart

Class of 2025 Positions

President Sophie Phillips

Class Treasurer Madison Helton

Class Senator Isabella Lynch

Class Honor Council Representative Lydia Bonecutter

Cornhuskin' Co-Chairs Ella Cannon and Savannah Stainback

Class of 2026 Positions

Class President Amanda Cordell

Vice President Ana Osipovi

Class Treasurer Mina Velazquez

Class Senator Clary Taylor

Class Honor Council Representative Amanda Cordell

Cornhuskin' Co-Chairs Riley Heeb

Class Stunt Co-Chairs Riley Heeb

Student Life Representative Riley Heeb


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