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Carlyle Campbell Library Begins Three-Phase Renovation

Photo by Aminah Jenkins

On Oct. 24, the Carlyle Campbell Library began a series of renovations to the main floor. These renovations will occur in three phases, one of which was already completed on Oct. 25. This first phase involved the replacement of old tables and chairs with new desks, chairs and seating pods. This addition served to provide students with collaborative, well-designed spaces for working and using the Library’s resources.

The Herald reached out to Amanda Sullivan, Research and Instruction Librarian, and Laura Davidson, Dean of the Library, about the renovation. When asked when the renovation process began, they said in a joint statement that “we got the proposal in late May, then we went to the showroom in early July and then we placed the order at the end of July.”

The Herald reached out to the Library’s Social Media Marketing Interns for opinions on these updates. Claire Stowers, Class of 2024, said that “[she is] super excited about the updates happening in the Library…the brighter colors are more inviting, and [she] like[s] the variety of seating options so there's something for everyone!”

When asked about the next phase of the renovation, Allyson Bell, Class of 2023, stated that “[she’s] particularly excited about the addition of comfy seating, including our new privacy lounge chairs and the soft seating that will be included in the upcoming second phase.”

Sullivan and Davidson added that “deciding on the new furniture was a team effort across the Library. Davidson spearheaded the project with much support from Rachel Porter, her assistant, Jeff Waller, Head of the Reference Department, and Amanda Sullivan, a Research and Instruction Librarian. The core team presented different options to Library staff and student workers and made the final decisions based on their feedback. Erin Allen at PMC [Commercial Interiors], who is a Meredith alum, brought a lot of knowledge about the Meredith culture to our design.”

The next two phases will take place throughout the rest of this semester with phase two starting on Nov. 20. To stay up to date on the Carlyle Campbell Library events and renovations, follow them on Instagram at @cclatmeredith.

By Freya Dahlgren, Features Editor



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