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Cornhuskin’ Results Delayed by Postponement of Can Art

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

A student standing in a red shirt and tan skirt with a person in a shark costume standing next to her
The Class of 2025's skit performance; photo by Molly Perry

On Friday, Nov. 5, it was announced that the main Cornhuskin’ event would be moved from Saturday to that evening. Because of this change, Can Art and the sophomore/senior serenade were postponed in order to give students more time to prepare for the main event that afternoon. Can Art is a major part of the judging process in Cornhuskin’, so as of Nov. 10 no winner has been announced.

In addition to these events, the making of student-constructed balloon arches was also postponed. The arches are usually made the morning of Cornhuskin's main event. These commonly-recognized Meredith symbols utilize colors from the classes' themes.

The rescheduled dates for Can Art and the sophomore/senior serenade have also not been announced. The Herald and the Office of Student Leadership and Service will update the Meredith community when these dates have been decided.

By Olivia Slack, Co-Editor in Chief


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