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De-Lux Brunch Series Concludes

Photo by Aminah Jenkins

Over the course of this academic year, a series of De-Lux brunches have been hosted to discuss a variety of topics on campus, with the series being wrapped up on Mar. 29. These De-Lux brunches were hosted through a collaboration between the Arts & Humanities’ Common Experience Committee in conjunction with the Traditions Review Committee (TRC) and the Black Student Union (BSU). Some of the staff and organization members reflect on this experience.

Dr. Sarah Roth, Dean of Arts & Humanities and Professor of History, expressed the hope that it has been a meaningful and beneficial experience for students, noting that it provided an opportunity for members of the Meredith community to “learn and talk with each other, in an honest way, about Meredith's past.” Dr. Roth also adds that she hopes that the series has “sparked students' interest” and inspires students to “make change in the present.”

Sharing a similar sentiment, Dr. Daniel Fountain, History Professor, says that he hopes that students who attended the events of the series are inspired to take up leadership roles on campus and that leaders who helped establish the events continue to do so as well. Dr. Fountain also makes mention of being inspired to see some students “raise their voices about meaningful issues and [how] student leaders rose to take on these challenges” but also believes that there “remains much to do” to address the matters discussed.

From a student perspective, Destiny Calvin, BSU secretary, believes the De-Lux series has helped her to be “more assertive in voicing [her] ideas and taking charge when needed” as well as gain more knowledge about what it means to be a leader. Destiny has also found it “rewarding” to see the changes that BSU has been a part of as of late, including the renaming of Carroll Hall to the Student Health and Wellness Center.

In terms of any future plans, both Dr. Roth and Dr. Fountain have shared that there is no certainty as of yet. However, Dr. Roth shared that students on the committee as well as Arts and Humanities faculty have until Apr. 11 to suggest themes. Again, both Dr. Roth and Dr. Fountain expressed appreciation to the members who played a role in the De-Lux series including all the members who played a role in collaborating on these events. Dr. Roth also gives mention to Jordan Harrell, Bliss Wells and Perla Garez Hernandez.

By Shae-Lynn Henderson, Features Editor


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