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Dear Graduating Seniors

Dear Graduating Seniors,

April is upon us. We have come to the last month, the last weeks, and the last few fleeting days of our time at Meredith College.  As our time comes to an end, it is easy to feel sad, and the end of this special time and daunted by the foreboding mystery that is life post-grad. We are facing a shift away from the life know and love to one of uncertainty.

You may be anxious about the many changes that are coming and starting to feel that somehow you feel you have failed at being an adult before you have even started. Maybe you are moving away for a job with nowhere to live or maybe you don’t have one at all. It can be easy to get caught up in the worries of the future, but in these last few fleeting moments, you should savor the time we have left.

Instead of focusing on what you haven’t done or the expectations you haven’t met, choose to focus on all that you have achieved. If you are a senior you have already achieved so much even by reaching graduation day. You’ve gotten through orientation and made it to 18th night.  Our class has come to together to earn our bling, win corn and now graduation. Each of us has contributed something amazing to our class and evolved as strong women.

While it all seems as if you have failed because of an uncertain future, you have not. By coming to the end of senior year, you have gained new skills, developed your personality and come into yourself. You’ve made great friends and relationships that will last a lifetime. Though you may not know the future, you are not a failure. No woman is a failure who has friends.


A fellow sister



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