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Following the Class of 2025 Co-Chairs the Day of Cornhuskin’

Graphic by Layla Davenport and Aminah Jenkins

Cornhuskin’ Co-Chairs are extremely busy on the day of the event. The Class of 2025 Co-Chairs, Savannah Stainback and Ella Cannon, began their day by getting dressed in all their Cornhuskin’ attire (including overalls) and heading down to Kresge Auditorium to build their class’s balloon arch. From 10:15 to 11:00 a.m., Stainback and Cannon tied balloons together with about ten of their classmates. Then, they went out to grab lunch with their families before the Cornhuskin’ festivities commenced.

After lunch at 2:15 p.m., the co-chairs and their classmates went to Kresge Auditorium to carry their balloon arch to The Oaks parking lot to prepare for the parade. The class arrived at 2:45 with the balloon arch, signs, bells and lots of spirit to line up for the parade!

Getting the balloon arch to The Oaks lot for the parade was quite a challenge with intense bursts of winds. Three classes had their balloon arches snap, including the Class of 2025. Stainback and Cannon’s balloon arch snapped twice in addition to one of the lobster claws that are used to hook the arch to the benches by Johnson Hall coming untied. After the Class of 2025 got their balloon arch under control with each class member holding it down, Stainback and Cannon stared in horror as the balloon arches of the Class of 2026 and 2024 snapped and floated over The Oaks and the Science and Math Building.

After recovering from the difficulties presented by the balloon arches, Stainback and Cannon lined up with their class for the parade. They marched with their class down Main Campus Drive and completed the parade route with their vehicles while the walkers clipped the balloon arches. While completing the parade route, the co-chairs missed the beginning of the Big/Lil’ Serenade that began much earlier than expected. Luckily, Stainback and Cannon hurried back to Johnson Hall just in time to watch the last couple of songs.

After the parade and serenade, Stainback and Cannon got ready for the Main Event and ate some Chick-fil-A for dinner, brought to campus by Stainback’s parents. The afternoon heat during the parade was brutal in Stainback’s long overalls, so both she and Cannon were grateful to be back inside. They were feeling “okay” at this point of the day, but they were hoping that the Main Event would go much more smoothly than the prior events.

At about 5:15 p.m., the co-chairs left their residence hall to save their seats in the amphitheater which opened 15 minutes later to students and guests. They met their class at the Johnson Hall Fountain to line up for the processional at 5:45 p.m. From there, Stainback and Cannon enjoyed the balloon arches (that did not float away) and some picture-taking with friends and classmates. At 6:15 p.m., the co-chairs led the Class of 2025 just outside the amphitheater, where they stood ready for processionals to begin.

As the Main Event began, the co-chairs led their classmates in a mysterious processional to their seats, where they then cheered on the Class of 2024 and the Class of 2023 as they entered. Stainback and Cannon led dancers in setting up and taking down their class’s props before their skit, Hog Callin’ and Tall Tale. Stainback and Cannon both danced in their class’s main skit, and Cannon’s pre-recorded narration played throughout the skit. The co-chairs also led the Class of 2025 in singing to their Big class throughout the event.

As the event came to a close and the Class of 2025 came in third place, the co-chairs cheered loudly and proudly for their class. They continued to hang around the amphitheater after the Main Event ended to take pictures and congratulate students on their hard work.

To end their Cornhuskin’ festivities, Stainback and Cannon joined in on the After Corn Party at Belk Dining Hall hosted by the Meredith Activities Board for some music, celebration and pancakes. The following day, the co-chairs loaded the props into a classmate’s truck to be taken to Cannon’s house for storage until next year. Later on Sunday, the co-chairs got to pop all of the balloon arches at Johnson Hall (they agree that the task is quite fun). Thus ended Stainback and Cannon’s 2022 Cornhuskin’ season.

By Cady Stanley, Arts and Entertainment Editor



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