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Grant Provides New Opportunities for Undergraduate Research

- By Abby Ojeda, Staff Writer -

This summer, the Undergraduate Research Program at Meredith College offers the opportunity for interdisciplinary group research in addition to regular summer research opportunities. Dr. Paul Winterhoff, Director of Undergraduate Research, and Dr. Carolina Perez-Heydrich, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, applied for and received a grant from the Jessie Ball duPont Fund for multiple groups of two faculty and two or three Meredith students from diverse areas of study to conduct research.

“The Undergraduate Research program is excited about encouraging interdisciplinary research, knowing that it’s the wave of the future in research,” Dr. Paul Winterhoff said.

Additionally, the Undergraduate Research program is excited to welcome participants from the Wake Young Women’s Leadership Academy (WYWLA). For the last two summers, women from WYWLA have partnered with Meredith women to receive mentorship and participate in the research process. WYWLA members will be able to participate in the interdisciplinary research the new grant offers.

Dr. Paul Winterhoff shared the reason for the emphasis on interdisciplinary research: “Most of the intractable problems that we face, including those in science, sustainability, politics, and economics, require multiple perspectives to find solutions.”

The Undergraduate Research Program is more likely to select applicants for interdisciplinary research who come from different academic programs. Students who are accepted have the opportunity for a stipend up to $2650 for the summer. The Oaks will also have ten spots available over the summer for research students at a reduced rate.

Applications for summer undergraduate research, both for the general program and the duPont interdisciplinary summer projects are due by March 14, and students will be notified by March 22. The Undergraduate Research Program is looking forward to the opportunities this grant provides and hopes to find ways to continue funding interdisciplinary research endeavors in the future.


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