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Happy Holidays from The Herald Editorial Board

As this year comes to an end, The Herald wanted to give the Meredith community something special to celebrate. Below are messages from members of the Editorial Board about why they love their jobs, as well as our first annual Holiday Card. The Herald wishes everyone a happy holiday season and hopes you enjoy your break!

Photo by Grayson Morris

Aminah Jenkins, Editor in Chief

The Herald’s staff are what makes this job a pleasure. Their consistent dedication to quality student journalism has highlighted a variety of stories that have served the campus community greatly. I am grateful to the Meredith community for sharing their stories with us and engaging with our content (even if that engagement isn’t always positive). I look forward to many more opportunities to continue these efforts.

Photo by Grayson Morris

Rachel Van Horne, Associate Editor

I love The Meredith Herald because it allows students to learn about the inner workings of news publication. The Herald has personally grown me and pushed me to grow as a person and a writer.

Photo by Grayson Morris

Freya Dahlgren, Features Editor

I love The Herald because it gives me and fellow Meredith students the opportunity to stay involved with the Meredith community while also teaching us so much about campus involvement! The Herald has influenced me personally to be a better leader and writer. I hope you all have a Happy and restful holiday break to come back strong in January!

Photo by Grayson Morris

Shae-Lynn Henderson, News Editor

I love The Herald because it has been such a wonderful opportunity to hear and tell people’s stories. It is empowering to be a part of a platform for change. There is such a variety of platforms, that there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Photo by Grayson Morris

Cady Stanley, Arts & Entertainment Editor

I love working on The Meredith Herald because I am able to engage with and serve the Meredith community through my writing. The amazing staff has helped me grow my love for journalism and the College. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for The Herald!

Photo by Grayson Morris

Evelyn Summers, Senior Copy Editor

My favorite part of writing for The Herald is the chance to highlight student voices. It’s also the only reason I ever know what’s going on around campus, and I've met some great people on staff.

Photo by Grayson Morris

Clary Taylor, Copy Editor

I love The Herald because of the connections it gives me to my fellow students and staff. I’ve always loved writing, and The Herald allows me to follow my passions while also connecting with and empowering members of my community. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday break and look forward to seeing everyone back on campus for Spring semester!

Photo by Grayson Morris

Caroline O’Daniel, Copy Editor

I’m so glad that Meredith has an organization like The Herald to highlight important issues and keep students up to date on school events. It’s an honor to be on a team with such talented and hardworking journalists.


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