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History of the Onyx

The Onyx ring is a symbol of unity and sisterhood cherished by those who attend Meredith College. The much beloved ring was designed by a committee that included Jean Dula Fletcher, Class of 1953, and Anne Lovell from the Class of 1954. Encased by either silver or gold, the Onyx displays Meredith's emblem. The emblem includes Meredith College’s Lux (which means light).

The Meredith College Onyx is a special symbol of tradition and loyalty that is rooted in the College’s 128-year history. The class of 1954 was the first class to wear the Onyx ring, but the first Ring Dinner wasn't held until 1991. The Onyx can be worn by third- and fourth-year undergraduate students, students with 60 credits or more and alumnae. The oval onyx stone embodies the strength of the entire Meredith community and has played a part in Meredith College’s history for 64 years. The ring is meant to encompass the values of the Honor Code, the traditions of Meredith College and the sisterhood that is shared among all Meredith students past, present and future.

By Rachel Van Horne, Staff Writer


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