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Honor Society Celebrates Inductees, Scholarship Winners

On the evening of Jan. 25, Kappa Nu Sigma Honor Society held their annual induction ceremony in the Meredith Chapel. The event was attended by new members, scholarship recipients, and their families to celebrate their outstanding academic achievements.

Kappa Nu Sigma is an Honor Society that was founded in 1923 by Dr. Helen Hull Law, a Meredith College professor. The organization was established to recognize the academic merit of Meredith College women. Kappa Nu Sigma gets its name from the Greek words for beauty, sound mindedness, and intelligence.

This year, there were 57 students eligible for induction into Kappa Nu Sigma, and 47 were officially inducted during the ceremony. In order to be eligible, students must have a GPA of 3.9 after completing 75 credit hours, or a GPA of 3.8 with 90 hours or more completed.

Along with the inductees, 20 scholarship recipients were recognized during the ceremony. The Helen Price Scholarship, named for a former Meredith professor of Greek and Latin, recognizes the sophomore and junior students with the highest GPAs in their classes.

The guest speaker for the induction was Mr. Jason Newport, a professor of writing, editing, and publishing in the Meredith Department of English. Professor Newport is a recipient of the Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award. During his time in the Fulbright program, Professor Newport served as an English professor at a Hungarian university. His induction speech for Kappa Nu Sigma, “Finding Family,” centered around his experiences conducting research on his own Hungarian ancestry while abroad.

Following the ceremony, honorees and their guests enjoyed refreshments in the Chapel Common Room. Molly Davis, ’18, was inducted into Kappa Nu Sigma this year. When asked about what being inducted meant to her, Davis replied, “Being inducted into Kappa Nu Sigma is a major accomplishment for me. This honor reminds me that all of my hard work and dedication to my academics did not go unnoticed. I am very grateful that I was a part of the Kappa Nu Sigma induction ceremony and hope to continue a legacy of academic excellence in my future classroom.”



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