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June's Rockin' Tunes

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New This Month:

Wish You Were Here Tour Revisited by 2nd Grade

Simply put, 2nd Grade is my new favorite band. I have only heard two songs off the album, but I am in love. I know that’s a scary thing for someone to say considering the whole album isn’t out, but I am that serious. However, by the time you’re reading this, their new album will be out and it will be your new favorite thing. I have been listening to “Superglue” on repeat for days now — it’s an instant serotonin boost with a refreshing sound. It’s nostalgic and modern all at once and it’s fun. 2nd Grade’s vibe reminds me of the right time with the right people.Their songs could fit easily in so many phases of life and that is beautiful. Trust me, you’ll want to jump on the bandwagon now.

Artists like 2nd Grade: The Academic and Inhaler

“Can I Leave Me Too?” by The Greeting Committee

I have been into The Greeting Committee for a while and I must say they don’t make bad music. I don’t think they have the ability to mess up. “Can I Leave Me Too?” is powerful and masterfully captures the feelings of loss and the anticipation of heartbreak. It incorporates the whole “who are we when they are gone?” vibe. We don’t know the person we’ll be on the other side of heartbreak, so it can be hard to want to stick around to find out — that’s the essence of this single. I think it’s a delightfully realistic view of those feelings.

Artists like The Greeting Committee: Ashe and Bea Miller

“Solar Power” by Lorde

I couldn’t forget this one. I know many are on the fence about this single, but I love it. I think it was released at exactly the right time. It has that sweet summer vibe with darker undertones. It’s Lorde’s signature theme of dark tones and wispy vocals with a different style. It’s an artist’s dream as she is able to put herself into something new. She has reenvisioned herself. This song will be playing all summer for me. From drives around town to drives to the beach, it’ll be coming through the speakers. Also, shout out to Jack Antonoff for co-writing and producing. That man is a legend.

Artists like Lorde: Maude Latour and Bleachers

“oOo that’s my type” by Marian Hill featuring Yung Baby Tate

This song is so catchy. It’s the type of song that you immediately feel with your whole body. Every song I’ve heard by Marian Hill has this effect and it’s mesmerizing. It flows so well sonically. The fun thing about this song is that it puts you in the setting Hill sings about. The imagery it creates with the music is otherworldly and euphoric. You will have to listen to experience it. If you’re looking for just a solid single, this is the one.

Artists like Marian Hill: AJR and Lauren Jauregui

“No More Friends” by Olivia O’Brien featuring Bring Me the Horizon

If you would have told me that Olivia O’Brien and Bring Me the Horizon would come out with a song together, I would not have believed you. I'm not mad about it, though — they really work together even though they have different musical sounds. However, it makes sense because they have the same lyrical themes and honest artistry. This song reminds me a lot of Bring Me the Horizon’s “True Friends”; this single is like the aftermath of that song. I think that connection makes this song even better. I love when artists do projects like this because it’s creative. Even if you’re more familiar with one artist over the other in this collaboration, I think you’ll enjoy the song.

Artists like Olivia O’Brien: Madison Beer and Sabrina Carpenter

Rewind EP by RYMAN

This EP would be perfect for the soundtrack of a coming-of-age movie. It reminds me of what I felt like in 2014: youthful. It reminds me of the feeling of not knowing anything but knowing everything. That age where all is possible but only some of it is happening. My favorite songs off of the EP are “You’re Too Cool,” “Honey” and “Reassurance.” I think everyone will find at least a piece of their past selves in this EP.

Artists like RYMAN: Troye Sivan and LAUNDRY DAY

Still On Repeat:

“Brokenhearted” by Karmin

I know this one is super out of left field. I was making a playlist for a road trip with my friend and I thought about it and added it. Yet, I have kept listening. I forgot how addicting this song was when it came out. I also vividly remember people casually saying “cheerio” after it came out, which shows the song’s influence. Overall, this song is just fun and I just keep listening. I may be having a crisis with getting older or I just appreciate 2010s pop.

Other songs like these by Karmin: "Hello" and "I Told You So"

“Any Man of Mine” by Shania Twain

I’m on my country genre kick again. This song immediately makes me feel like a real southern woman. I really don’t know if there’s a true definition of what that is exactly, but I feel like this song describes it. Also, it’s Shania Twain. I don’t really think you can say anything bad about it because of that. Basically, you can’t be sad while listening to this song unless you don’t like country music. I’m glad it’s in my life again.

Other songs like this by Shania Twain: "That Don’t Impress Me Much" and "You’re Still the One"

“RSVP” by Maren Morris

So, I just found out about this song, but I have loved it since I heard it. It’s subtle while not being subtle. Although this is more of the pop bracket of country music, it’s still just as good. It’s easy to listen to andcatchy. Also, Morris’ vocals are smooth so you really can’t go wrong with it.

Other songs like this by Maren Morris: "My Church" and "80s Mercedes"

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By Kaylee Haas, Staff Writer


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